Sunday, October 15, 2006

Transfer - Complete!

Yesterday was transfer day and it went very well. We had one gorgeous, 8-cell, non-fragmented embryo that happily slid via catheter into my uterus. The docs were very ubeat, "couldn't have been better!" "Perfect transfer!" "Gorgeous uterus!" I feel pretty upbeat about it, too.

We really like our clinic (although not that one nurse in particular all that much). I feel fortunate to say this after reading so many IF blogs where some of these docs are full on quacks. We know we're in good hands.

When our embryologist told us he had performed assisted hatching on our one-and-only-yet-perfect-embryo, we were rather alarmed. We didn't know they were going to do this, and I'd not heard that much about it. Apparently, they do everything within their power to give the embryo the best chance of hatching - and he didn't kill it in the process, so um.. bonus? Unlike most other fertility practices, ours will not call us with the results from our progressive HCG Beta tests. There are a series of blood draws that I have between now and 10/27. As we get closer to 10/27, the beta numbers will give us an idea of whether this embryo is going to stick around. Usually, RE's will tell you this first number, but ours wants us to wait until the pregnancy test on 10/27. I'm ok with that. I'd rather not freak out about our betas and google the numbers and guess out of my ass if it all means that I'm indeed, still pregnant. I can wait. Ms. Impatient can practice patience. In the meantime, I am supposed to play like I am pregnant (well, I guess I am pregnant.. there's an embryo dividing and growing inside of me, it's just not necessarily implanted itself into my uterus - yet).

I'm on bedrest for the next five days. Mom is coming out on Wednesday, Mr. Ax is going out of town for a sailing trip on Thursday (eMBA related). I'm a bad bed rester. Seriously, it's effin' boring. I paid to have the whole house cleaned on Friday --- what decadence! I can seriously get used to someone cleaning my house. I resisted the urge to sort of jump in and help out (am I a sicko or what?) Except now, there's nothing to clean and I know that is the point, but I'm effin' bored, not supposed to be cleaning, there's nothing to clean anyway, but I can't stop myself from inspecting the cabinetry and wondering if I ought to break out the cleaner/polish to spiff em up a bit. Maybe it's time to give myself a manicure/tear up my cuticles.


Blogger Makariya said...

Good luck and enjoy your bedrest. I will hold my fingers crossed for your and your gorgeous embryo. Stick embryo, stick!!!

16/10/06 11:04 AM  

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