Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Retrieval Day

I haven't bothered posting these past few days because they've been up and down and all over the place. Our frequent trips to Dr. Swami's office to monitor follicle growth were tiring. We weren't sure if we would get to a retrieval, but lo and behold, we had one today.

Retrievals are performed under general anesthesia (at least at Swami's. I've read that some women are semi-conscious, but not me.. snoring and twitching away. Mr. Ax was there, and claims I did not do anything embarassing or weird. I didn't even fart. Yeah!). I'm too lazy to describe the rest of the procedure, but basically, the Dr. goes through your vajajay to retrieve the "eggs" using an assortment of devices and techniques.

Sadly, out of the 6 follicles that required 14 days of stims to grow, only 2 eggs were retrieved. Hmph. We might not get any embryos and won't know until Thursday if either of them fertilized. There's no reason to believe they won't fertilize, but there's always the possibility. There's also the possibility that they DO fertilize, but are not good enough for transferring. We won't know how good they are until Friday.

The real joker of the day, tho.. was our IVF Nurse.. the same one that I wrote about earlier ("Oh, let me give you a hug!"). In response to my weeping and utter disappointment that we only retrieved two eggs, she responded, "it's in the hands of a higher-power. We can only control so much." Mr. Ax and I just looked at her and didn't say anything -- seriously. I'm sitting in the recovery room, wondering WhyTF my BP is suddenly 136/70, and this dumb bitch decides to invoke God's Plan as an explanation for my infertility. She walked out of the room to retrieve something and when she returned, immediately apologized for her dumbass comment. But her apology was more along the lines of suggesting that we might not believe in God.

I can't stand her. And yes, she did give me a fucking hug as we got into the car.

Our transfer (if we have one) is scheduled for Saturday. My mom is coming out next Wednesday (if we have a transfer), since Mr. Ax has a biz trip planned for later in the week. I'm glad that she's coming out.. except today, I feel like I want to be left alone. I really wanted to get 4 eggs out of this.


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