Thursday, October 05, 2006


sorry for the lack of updates and info. I've been tired.

Good news: cysts were benign.

We've been administering shots twice per day for the last week, and a possible retrival date of 10/10. The conventional wisdom is that you're supposed to take IVF one day at a time (remember that show?) and that's great and everything for celebrating small steps. But when you get bad news, or news that isn't even so bad, just not great, one day at a time really rots. It's a whole day of despair. Like Saturday's ultrasound which showed a handful of follicles all under 10mm and an e2 of 12. I spent the whole day in tears and worried that we're being cancelled. And then Tuesday. Tuesday was all highs, but of course, I went in thinking we were going to be cancelled, and even dragged Mr. Ax along for the appt, "Honey, don't you want to be there for when Dr. Swami cancels us?" Only to find out that cancellation was not imminent. In fact, follicles were growing.

I have to credit Mr. Ax with noticing that this was the FIRST time we've left Dr. Swami's office with good news. News so good, that we actually considered skipping our Krispy Kreme ritual on the way home. But we did stop afterall, and I gotta tell you, Krispy Kreme's taste even better when your heart is full of happiness.

Today, is rather blah. Went in for an early morning ultrasound (and when I say early, I mean 7:15. Which means that I got up at 5:30, to leave here at 6:15. I rather mind waking up earlier than all of the neighbors who actually have jobs to go to where they get paid. my job, vaginal ultrasounds twice per week, not so great) and not much change in the follicles from Tuesday. I'll know more this afternoon when my blood work comes back. At last count, my e2 was at 90. It should be around 120, but not too worried, as long as it creeps up.


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