Monday, October 16, 2006

Bored outta my freakin' gourd

Holy. freakin.' mother. of. all things delicious and good. I AM BORED. No amount of Bourdieu and his habitus is sufficient for keeping me entertained. I can feel my arse widening with every hour that passes. My cheeks are falling asleep and when I shift the dang PIO shot marks kinda aches. And since my buttocks are sporting marks on both cheeks, well, you can imagine.

One of my classmates thinks that I'm lucky cos I have time to read the interesting books that I want to read instead of just the assigned pdf's. Good god, there is only so much anthropological theory a girl can digest in a day. Har har.. even I naively thought that I could get through a couple of them between Saturday and this Wednesday. And worst, worst of all, today, we are discussing my research area and I won't be there to dazzle, amaze and annoy my advisor/prof and classmates with my highly opinionated and heavily researched tidbits.

No, no... but I will be able to tell you all what is happening wiht Mimi and Shawn. Cos, that's thre real important shit. Not, like I thought before going gungho with IVF, my graduate degree and um, future or anything.


Blogger ms. c said...

Hey Ax,
Thanks for visiting my blog... (I see now that it was the boredom you are currently experiencing that led you there/prompted you to comment!)
Your comments were very much appreciated. I HAVE waited a long time to get going, and now I just need to keep pushing through.
Sounds like your transfer went swimingly, and wishing you all the luck for a positive result.
It certainly seems like you have plenty on your plate at the moment. I am in awe that you are persuing your MA and IVF at the same time! For the record, don't let anyone make you feel like you are taking the easy route by leaving the workplace to go back to school. For me my master's was infnately more difficult than any job I had held prior to and since I have finished my degree.
You are amazing, and have been through alot, and I hope this is the beginning of good things.
I look forward to seeing you around...

17/10/06 5:04 AM  
Blogger not so fertile girl said...

I hope your 2ww goes by quickly. By the time your bedrest is up you will be educated on the finer things in life such as the reruns! :) May I suggest the game show network or food network to ease you into a peaceful slumber. :)
I am hoping and praying that you have a positive beta on the 27th. Best wishes.

22/10/06 5:46 PM  

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