Saturday, October 28, 2006


Beta results are in = it's positive! I am currently 4w3d.

We're thrilled, but cautious. Our first u/s is scheduled for 11/15 with our RE. We're not telling many people (incl. Mr Ax's parents) just those that have been there for us during this process and know what's going on. So, if I know you IRL, please don't mention our news to anyone just yet. Thank you, everyone for every call, comment, email and good thought you've sent our way. It really means a lot to us. I sincerely mean it when I say that I have felt every good vibe you lovely people have sent out for us.

I am sorta stunned that it worked at all. It's pretty crazy to get pregnant in your first round of IVF with the retrieval of only 2 eggs (one mature, one not) with one that fertilized and actually made it to transfer.

Thursday. I did not POAS afterall - sort of. I intended to, infact, went to grab a HPT from under the sink, pulled the last wrapper from the box and um.. it was empty! Can you imagine how LONG that empty wrapper in a box has been taking up space under my bathroom sink? Months.. probably 5 months. I did have one last Clear B.lue digital OPK test so I peed on that and was quite pleased to see the little digital smiley face indicating I had ovulated. I've heard that these also detect HCG and It was nice to see that smiley face be definitive for once.

For my IF friends who care about beta numbers:

1st beta, 10dp3dt: 74
2nd beta, 13dp3dt: 444!

Love and hugs to you all!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Thanks to not-so-fertile girl, I now know how to add links to my sidebar! yeah! Now, i just need to figure out how to create links in my posts.

Despite my small html-ing triumph, I'm feeling a bit down. I took four, count them FOUR luxurious hours off from my life and parked myself on the couch this evening when I returned home from the museum. It's not as though there isn't plenty to do. I'm fond of lists:

- IRB (institutional review board) certification that needs completion
- paper due in the next week
- study group meeting in addition to classes tomorrow and Thursday
- plus all of the reading for tomorrow and Thursday
- two fifteen minute interviews that need to be conducted and transcribed before next week.

I have a lot to do, but can't seem to be bothered to do any of it. I just want to know if I'm fucking pregnant (lovely way to refer to the miracle of life, no?).

It is tempting to POAS, but know that it's kind of meaningless for me because of the HCG shots and most likely I will see two pink lines that only mean that the hormone is still floating around in my system. Hmm. is it insane of me to POAS just to see what two pink lines look like? I mean, just for the experience? Even if I know that it doesn't necessarily mean it's so? I could even manage pulling together one of those hallmark moments and present Mr. Ax with the two-pink lines and a onesie or something, just to see what it would be like if it were actually pregnant, and surprised by it all, and certain that everything was going to be just great.

And now I'm silently sobbing feel pretty sorry for myself. Pathetic really.

I am really sick of feeling pregnant without knowing if I am. It's a bit cruel to physically feel this way when it's only meds. Ever the optimistic, I just realized the one pregnancy symptom I am NOT experiencing ... constipation. And it is pleasing to know that my body can do one thing right, even if it's crappy.

Oh jesus. I just made myself laugh.

"So tired, tired of waiting, tired of waiting for yoooouuuu!"

Still in my 2ww, and first beta is today. Mum left yesterday and we got crafty with Halloween and Turkey day decorations while she was here. I even got a bit ahead of myself and bought a few items for Christmas decorating. By the end of the weekend, I was all crafted out -- but we went back to the craft stores to see if there was anything else that would inspire us. There wasn't.

I am really sick of the PIO shots. My cheeks are black and blue. Even more annoying are the pregnancy symptoms (heartburn, tender breasts, sleepiness, food aversions, cravings, CM, tightness in abdomen). Of course, my mum is absolutely certain that I am pregnant because of my symptoms. I have tried and tried and tried explaining to her that the 3 HCG shots I've had post-transfer plus the daily PIO injections into my arse will cause symptoms that mimic pregnancy. She remembers in that little instant, but soon forgets when I complain of heartburn two hours later. Argh.. Goodness, I love her.. but it can be super frustrating. I am glad she came out, tho -- we had a good weekend together.

Mr. Ax leaves tomorrow morning for the Bay Area and returns Thursday nite (just in time for our 2nd beta on Friday). I have to find a neighbor with whom I'm comfortable revealing a pasty cheek and a bit of crack to give me the shot Thursday morning. Have I mentioned that we've only known these folks since everyone (including us) moved in over the summer? Nothing like getting right up in my crack to forge a friendship. Lovely.

Still haven't figured out how to link cyclesistas on my blog. Blogger rots. If you're reading this and you know how to link to something in blogger, please let me know.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Bored outta my freakin' gourd

Holy. freakin.' mother. of. all things delicious and good. I AM BORED. No amount of Bourdieu and his habitus is sufficient for keeping me entertained. I can feel my arse widening with every hour that passes. My cheeks are falling asleep and when I shift the dang PIO shot marks kinda aches. And since my buttocks are sporting marks on both cheeks, well, you can imagine.

One of my classmates thinks that I'm lucky cos I have time to read the interesting books that I want to read instead of just the assigned pdf's. Good god, there is only so much anthropological theory a girl can digest in a day. Har har.. even I naively thought that I could get through a couple of them between Saturday and this Wednesday. And worst, worst of all, today, we are discussing my research area and I won't be there to dazzle, amaze and annoy my advisor/prof and classmates with my highly opinionated and heavily researched tidbits.

No, no... but I will be able to tell you all what is happening wiht Mimi and Shawn. Cos, that's thre real important shit. Not, like I thought before going gungho with IVF, my graduate degree and um, future or anything.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Transfer - Complete!

Yesterday was transfer day and it went very well. We had one gorgeous, 8-cell, non-fragmented embryo that happily slid via catheter into my uterus. The docs were very ubeat, "couldn't have been better!" "Perfect transfer!" "Gorgeous uterus!" I feel pretty upbeat about it, too.

We really like our clinic (although not that one nurse in particular all that much). I feel fortunate to say this after reading so many IF blogs where some of these docs are full on quacks. We know we're in good hands.

When our embryologist told us he had performed assisted hatching on our one-and-only-yet-perfect-embryo, we were rather alarmed. We didn't know they were going to do this, and I'd not heard that much about it. Apparently, they do everything within their power to give the embryo the best chance of hatching - and he didn't kill it in the process, so um.. bonus? Unlike most other fertility practices, ours will not call us with the results from our progressive HCG Beta tests. There are a series of blood draws that I have between now and 10/27. As we get closer to 10/27, the beta numbers will give us an idea of whether this embryo is going to stick around. Usually, RE's will tell you this first number, but ours wants us to wait until the pregnancy test on 10/27. I'm ok with that. I'd rather not freak out about our betas and google the numbers and guess out of my ass if it all means that I'm indeed, still pregnant. I can wait. Ms. Impatient can practice patience. In the meantime, I am supposed to play like I am pregnant (well, I guess I am pregnant.. there's an embryo dividing and growing inside of me, it's just not necessarily implanted itself into my uterus - yet).

I'm on bedrest for the next five days. Mom is coming out on Wednesday, Mr. Ax is going out of town for a sailing trip on Thursday (eMBA related). I'm a bad bed rester. Seriously, it's effin' boring. I paid to have the whole house cleaned on Friday --- what decadence! I can seriously get used to someone cleaning my house. I resisted the urge to sort of jump in and help out (am I a sicko or what?) Except now, there's nothing to clean and I know that is the point, but I'm effin' bored, not supposed to be cleaning, there's nothing to clean anyway, but I can't stop myself from inspecting the cabinetry and wondering if I ought to break out the cleaner/polish to spiff em up a bit. Maybe it's time to give myself a manicure/tear up my cuticles.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Retrieval Day

I haven't bothered posting these past few days because they've been up and down and all over the place. Our frequent trips to Dr. Swami's office to monitor follicle growth were tiring. We weren't sure if we would get to a retrieval, but lo and behold, we had one today.

Retrievals are performed under general anesthesia (at least at Swami's. I've read that some women are semi-conscious, but not me.. snoring and twitching away. Mr. Ax was there, and claims I did not do anything embarassing or weird. I didn't even fart. Yeah!). I'm too lazy to describe the rest of the procedure, but basically, the Dr. goes through your vajajay to retrieve the "eggs" using an assortment of devices and techniques.

Sadly, out of the 6 follicles that required 14 days of stims to grow, only 2 eggs were retrieved. Hmph. We might not get any embryos and won't know until Thursday if either of them fertilized. There's no reason to believe they won't fertilize, but there's always the possibility. There's also the possibility that they DO fertilize, but are not good enough for transferring. We won't know how good they are until Friday.

The real joker of the day, tho.. was our IVF Nurse.. the same one that I wrote about earlier ("Oh, let me give you a hug!"). In response to my weeping and utter disappointment that we only retrieved two eggs, she responded, "it's in the hands of a higher-power. We can only control so much." Mr. Ax and I just looked at her and didn't say anything -- seriously. I'm sitting in the recovery room, wondering WhyTF my BP is suddenly 136/70, and this dumb bitch decides to invoke God's Plan as an explanation for my infertility. She walked out of the room to retrieve something and when she returned, immediately apologized for her dumbass comment. But her apology was more along the lines of suggesting that we might not believe in God.

I can't stand her. And yes, she did give me a fucking hug as we got into the car.

Our transfer (if we have one) is scheduled for Saturday. My mom is coming out next Wednesday (if we have a transfer), since Mr. Ax has a biz trip planned for later in the week. I'm glad that she's coming out.. except today, I feel like I want to be left alone. I really wanted to get 4 eggs out of this.

Thursday, October 05, 2006


sorry for the lack of updates and info. I've been tired.

Good news: cysts were benign.

We've been administering shots twice per day for the last week, and a possible retrival date of 10/10. The conventional wisdom is that you're supposed to take IVF one day at a time (remember that show?) and that's great and everything for celebrating small steps. But when you get bad news, or news that isn't even so bad, just not great, one day at a time really rots. It's a whole day of despair. Like Saturday's ultrasound which showed a handful of follicles all under 10mm and an e2 of 12. I spent the whole day in tears and worried that we're being cancelled. And then Tuesday. Tuesday was all highs, but of course, I went in thinking we were going to be cancelled, and even dragged Mr. Ax along for the appt, "Honey, don't you want to be there for when Dr. Swami cancels us?" Only to find out that cancellation was not imminent. In fact, follicles were growing.

I have to credit Mr. Ax with noticing that this was the FIRST time we've left Dr. Swami's office with good news. News so good, that we actually considered skipping our Krispy Kreme ritual on the way home. But we did stop afterall, and I gotta tell you, Krispy Kreme's taste even better when your heart is full of happiness.

Today, is rather blah. Went in for an early morning ultrasound (and when I say early, I mean 7:15. Which means that I got up at 5:30, to leave here at 6:15. I rather mind waking up earlier than all of the neighbors who actually have jobs to go to where they get paid. my job, vaginal ultrasounds twice per week, not so great) and not much change in the follicles from Tuesday. I'll know more this afternoon when my blood work comes back. At last count, my e2 was at 90. It should be around 120, but not too worried, as long as it creeps up.