Friday, August 18, 2006

Bring in the clowns

I can be amazing at time management when I have a lot to do. It's incredible, really, I could win awards. Even the Mr. Ax is awed by my finely tuned skills when I'm in high gear. Juggling three things at once is for sissies. How many things can I manage with success! before ruining the show? The critical word here is CAN. Unfortunately, when I don't have a lot to do, my time management frankly, rots. Years of running myself into the ground trying to balance work, school and life has made it difficult for me to manage my time when I've got nothing but time. Like now. As none of you know, I left my career in HR last Feb (2005) to pursue a new career in academia and anthropology and I haven't worked outside the house. Understand, this is a much needed break and I'm not about to apologize for it. So, if you have snarky things to say about how hard my life must be because the Mr. Ax and our savings (that I worked my ass off to contribute to) are supporting us, you can piss off (Oooo.. my first outlashing at my non-existent readership -- I got a tingle!).

All wonderful stuff, you say, but what's this got to do with anything?

Classes start next week. This is my first official semester in my MA program and I'm a bit concerned about the workload that I've imposed upon myself and it's only 3 measly courses. Most students in the program are working and take at least three years (1-2 classes per semester) to complete the MA. Since I am interested in going on for a PhD, I am motivated to finish the MA in two years, therefore, 3 courses. I'm also starting a volunteer role with a local museum and starting IVF in September. Oh, and I should mention that Mr. Ax is starting an executive MBA program this fall as well. We're degree hungry weirdos. The difference is that his degrees will actually help him land an even better position earning more $$, more responsibility etc etc., whereas my degrees are pretty useless in the world of employment and paychecks. I'm concerned that I won't be able to manage it all and do all of it well. I think it's normal to worry. I know I'll be fine and kick into high gear.. Just haven't felt that kick and a 12 page syllabus (one course!) is already posted with a bizzillion reading assignments.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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18/8/06 1:14 PM  
Blogger Asha said...

Yeah, baby!

18/8/06 3:22 PM  
Blogger abvivanco said...

You go GIRL!! Who cares that your degree won't make you more $$.. It's the thrill of having it and posting it up on every wall of your huge house to admire!!

8/9/06 12:48 PM  

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